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How Can I Help?

Jericho Road’s programs and services are successful because businesses, churches, and individuals like you have supported our work through financial investments, volunteerism, event support, and other fundraising efforts.

If you’re here, it’s probably because you want to know how you can help! Some great ideas are listed below.

The first step to becoming a Jericho Road volunteer is to submit a volunteer application form.

Questions? Email

Get Involved!

The business community’s support for Jericho Road through financial investments and in-kind donations has been essential in the expansion of programming, as well as ensuring the sustainability of our existing services.

There are many ways to engage your business:

Please contact the Partner Development office to discuss how your company can best get involved with us!

Call 716-348-3000 ext. 417 or send us a message.

Third-party events are all about being creative and sharing the desire to help Jericho Road further its mission and vision. Want to organize an event in support of Jericho Road?

Call us with your idea at 716-348-3000 ext. 441 or send us a message – we’d love to help promote your event and provide you with the tools you need to be successful.

Here are some ways our supporters have raised money:

  • Held a paid dress-down day at work
  • Threw a dinner party with friends or an after-work mixer with colleagues
  • Trained for a marathon and asked family and friends to sponsor
  • Organized a roadside lemonade stand or bake sale (kid-friendly!)
  • Hosted a family-friendly dance party

If you’re interested in supporting Jericho Road through crowdfunding (like asking your friends to sponsor your 5k run or donate to us for your birthday) – we can help!  Contact us and we can set you up with a personalized Jericho Road fundraising page. Email us at or call 716-348-3000 ext. 441 to get started.

From “lunch-and-learns” to church presentations, we love to share the story of Jericho Road Community Health Center!

We frequently send team members into the community to engage and educate audiences about our medical services and community programs in Buffalo, as well our global health work.

Please contact our Partner Development office to explore speaking opportunties that will suit your needs.

Call 716-348-3000 ext. 405 or send us a message.

Jericho Road partners with faith communities of all backgrounds and creeds in a variety of ways, including:

  • Speaking to congregations and small groups about our work
  • Participating in outreach mission conferences, worship services, or other events
  • Arranging opportunities for church groups to volunteer
  • Helping to plan an in-kind donation drive or creative fundraiser
  • Providing opportunities to attend, sponsor, or financially invest in programs and events through the year

To talk to a member of our team about church engagement, please call 716-348-3000 ext. 417 or send us a message.

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